Climate Controlled Storage

Why choose climate controlled?

There are many benefits in selecting Climate controlled storage over basic storage. Temperatures are kept  between 55°F and 80°F.  The units are inside an enclosed hallway away from pests, humidity etc.

Are you storing items for a long period of time?

When storing long-term, you'll want to consider climate because exposure to heat, cold and the elements can cause yellowing/degradation of fabric, clothing and leather items. Metal can also start rusting when it's left in the elements.  Climate controlled storage prevents humidity/condensation damage that can happen in a typical outdoor "garage" type (Basic) storage unit. 

The cost to properly store valuable items can be less than the cost to replace them.

If your valuables do get damage from the outside elements from a basic storage unit, the cost to replace would cost more than a climate controlled unit. Think of it as insurance for your valuables.